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With lots of different recipes, from the flavours of Italian tradition to tasty and innovative ones, the Stove Diaries will have everything you need to help you make your next Italian meal.

Most popular recipes

Don’t know what to cook for your next meal? Have a look at these popular recipes and let them inspire you!

My Pantry

Every kitchen needs a fully stocked pantry, right?
Before you dive into the recipes, take a look inside my own pantry and see for yourself the items that cannot miss in an Italian diet! I am also sharing with you plenty of notions about each single ingredient so that you’ll know how to choose them when you go shopping.


Come read my diary

In this section the Stove takes the stage and uses the blog to tell you interesting facts about the dishes and endless family stories. Immerse yourself in the more intimate part of this blog!

The new normal – Vegan & Vegetarian

It can be difficult to change your culinary habits especially when you’re attached to a really strong tradition. In this section you’ll find vegan and vegetarian recipes that maintain that traditional flavour you keep looking for!

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