Piadina romagnola || Romagna style flatbread

When it’s sunny I like to spend time in the garden and prepare a quick and tasty snack to enjoy outdoors.

A dish that the whole family likes is the italian piadina stuffed with cheese, salami and vegetables.

Piadina, typical of Romagna, is a flat bread, similar to tortilla from which it differs mainly for the presence of oil (in the original version there is lard), which in my opinion makes it tastier and softer. It is quick to prepare because it does not need to rise but only rest for thirty minutes.


  • 1 kg of plain white flour 00 (but you can also use wholemeal flour)
  • 600 cl of water at room temperature
  • 80 gr of extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 gr of salt
  • a pinch of bicarbonate of soda
Four different “piadina” fillings


Put the flour in a bowl, add the salt and the bicarbonate and mix a little. Continue to mix with a spatula, adding the oil gradually, then continue the same way with the water. You can also use an electric mixer.

Put the dough on a pastry board and start working it with your hands, if it seems too soft you can add a bit of flour (be careful not to overdo it, the dough must remain soft).

Form a ball and put the dough to rest for thirty minutes, covered with a clean cloth or cling film, in a cool and dry place.

After thirty minutes, take the dough and cut it into twelve more or less equal parts, with which we will form balls. Remember that if the balls are well rounded it will be easier to give a circular shape to the piadine.

Put the cast iron pan for piadine on the fire or, if you don’t have it, a large non-stick pan with a thick bottom.

Start to roll out one ball at a time with a rolling pin up to a thickness of 3/4 mm, trying to give it a round shape.

Cook the piadina on the hot pan. When the first bubbles begin to emerge, turn the piadina and complete the cooking on the other side.

If you don’t eat them all you can keep them in the refrigerator, covered with cling film, for a couple of days. All you have to do is just moisten them with wet hands and heat them for a few seconds in a pan.


If you prepare the piadine in advance, leave them slightly undercooked, so that you can warm them up when it is time to stuff them.
If you use a filling such as mozzarella or other cheeses that need to be melted, heat the piadina on one side only, turn it over and put the cheese and other ingredients on the cooked half, then close it in a half circle and let it heat on both sides. If the cheese is not yet completely melted and you don’t want to risk burning your piadina, turn off the heat and let it rest for a few minutes on the hot pan with a lid.

Quick tips for delicious fillings:


– stracchino (a soft and creamy Italian cheese), Parma ham and rocket
– mozzarella and cooked ham
– creamy gorgonzola, grilled red chicory and balsamic vinegar glaze
– grilled smoked scamorza cheese, grilled courgettes and mint


– honey whipped mascarpone and figs
– Nutella and coconut with a sprinkling of icing sugar on the surface

You can watch the video for this recipe here:


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