Tris di bruschette || Bruschetta trio

Toasted sourdough bread, good evo oil, garlic and ripe tomatoes, a choice of basil or oregano: you don’t need anything else for a delicious bruschetta, perfect as an appetiser before a pizza, in a Sunday brunch or while you are waiting for the meat to be cooked on your bbq. The great thing about bruschettaContinue reading “Tris di bruschette || Bruschetta trio”

Petto di pollo in carpione || Sweet and sour chicken cutlets

When in summer the temperatures exceed thirty degrees (these days it’s hot even in London!), it becomes really difficult to think about what to cook. If you are like me you could probably spend the whole summer eating fruit and nice salads with the addition of fresh cheeses and toasted bread. In my family, however,Continue reading “Petto di pollo in carpione || Sweet and sour chicken cutlets”

Canned Beans

Let’s first make a premise: canned foods are often considered B-grade foods and sometimes even harmful. In fact, if the cans are damaged and badly stored, they can release toxic substances such as BPA. Moreover, additives or salt and sugar can be added to foods in large quantities. It is therefore important to purchase qualityContinue reading “Canned Beans”

Ciambella salata zucchine e formaggio || Courgettes and cheese savoury ring cake

Ingredients 300 gr. plain flour 4 eggs 250 gr ricotta cheese 40 gr grated parmigiano 110 gr sunflower oil 80 gr milk 16 gr baking powder 200 gr of smoked scamorza cheese (or smoked cheddar or smoked applewood cheese) 2 medium courgettes 1 shallot 2/3 spoons of evo oil two fingers of white wine MethodContinue reading “Ciambella salata zucchine e formaggio || Courgettes and cheese savoury ring cake”

Pasta e Fagioli veloce || Easy Pasta with Beans

Ingredients: 4 cans of borlotti beans 1 big red onion finely sliced 1 garlic clove finely chopped 2 tablespoons of tomato purée 1 glass of white wine evo oil chili flakes 2/3 sprigs of rosemary 2 vegetables stock cubes 700 gr durum wheat semolina short pasta For this recipe I really like short pasta asContinue reading “Pasta e Fagioli veloce || Easy Pasta with Beans”

Page #14 – The taste of simplicity

Here we are to talk about the Italian dessert par excellence, the recipe that cannot be missing in any grandmother’s cultural background: the tart. A base of shortcrust pastry enriched with jam, or ricotta with sugar and cinnamon or chopped chocolate, or custard cream with a lot of fresh fruits, and finished on the surfaceContinue reading “Page #14 – The taste of simplicity”

Crostata con la marmellata di albicocche || Apricot jam tart

Ingredients: 370 gr. plain flour 250 gr unsalted butter 2 egg yolks 150 gr. granulated sugar 1 jar of good quality apricot jam Method: Put the flour and the cold butter into small pieces in a mixer and operate for two minutes until you get a grainy mixture. Put it in a bowl, add theContinue reading “Crostata con la marmellata di albicocche || Apricot jam tart”

Page #13 – Find the (beloved) intruder!

The Zeppole di San Giuseppe are a typical Neapolitan dessert consumed mainly on March 19, a day dedicated to St. Joseph and, in Italy, Father’s Day. The origin of Zeppole Surely the zeppole recipe is also very old, it is even likely to date back to Roman times. In fact, on March 17 during theContinue reading “Page #13 – Find the (beloved) intruder!”

Zeppole di San Giuseppe || St. Joseph’s fritters || FATHER’S DAY ITALIAN DESSERT

The “Zeppole di San Giuseppe” are a typical Neapolitan dessert traditionally prepared on March 19th, the day of San Giuseppe and the date on which all fathers are celebrated in Italy. They are delicious fried choux pastry fritters (or baked for a lighter version) and garnished with custard and sour cherries in syrup. Today weContinue reading “Zeppole di San Giuseppe || St. Joseph’s fritters || FATHER’S DAY ITALIAN DESSERT”

Pomodori al forno ripieni di riso || Rice stuffed baked tomatoes

Ingredients: 10 medium vine tomatoes, ripe but still firm 30 gr of Arborio rice pre-cooked for 12 minutes 50 gr grated parmesan 50 gr grated cheese (you can use cheddar, mozzarella or smoked cheese as you prefer) 6/7 medium-sized potatoes (as many as you need to fill your pan) 2/3 red onions 2 garlic clovesContinue reading “Pomodori al forno ripieni di riso || Rice stuffed baked tomatoes”