The story of polenta Polenta, a typical dish of the Italian peasant tradition, is known as a poor dish, because it is prepared with only two ingredients: water and flour. In ancient times polenta was prepared with other flours, for example the ancient Romans prepared it with spelled flour. Today, on the other hand, aContinue reading “Polenta”

Page #2 – Mangiapolenta

The expression “mangiapolenta” (polenta eater) is used to define, in a joking but sometimes also derogatory way, the inhabitants of northern Italy, especially the Veneto and Lombardy, where the greatest amount of polenta is consumed due to the temperatures generally lower. Violetta can undoubtedly claim to be a half polenta eater, since her mother wasContinue reading “Page #2 – Mangiapolenta”

Italian sausages with polenta and tenderstem broccoli

Ingredients: 12 mini italian sausages 1 glass of red wine 500 gr. Instant polenta 800 gr. Tenderstem broccoli 1 garlic clove Extra virgin olive oil Chilli flakes Salt METHOD: Put on the stove two tall pots with two liters of boiling water each. Add some salt in both of them and wait that the waterContinue reading “Italian sausages with polenta and tenderstem broccoli”