Canned Beans

Let’s first make a premise: canned foods are often considered B-grade foods and sometimes even harmful. In fact, if the cans are damaged and badly stored, they can release toxic substances such as BPA. Moreover, additives or salt and sugar can be added to foods in large quantities. It is therefore important to purchase qualityContinue reading “Canned Beans”


Did you know that… Garlic, like its relative onion, is a very ancient spontaneous plant, originally from Central Asia where its cultivation began and then spread in the rest of the world. It has always been used both as a food plant and for its extraordinary therapeutic properties that Pasteur scientifically defined in 1858: garlicContinue reading “Garlic”

Frozen fish

If you have read the story of my stove about fishing nights on the Mediterranean, let’s get one thing clear immediately: eating fresh fish just caught, perhaps caught by you, is an experience that for its aroma, flavour and atmosphere can hardly be compared to any other dining experience. Eating fish is good, indeed veryContinue reading “Frozen fish”


When I decided to create the “pantry” section, I realised that, in order to write correctly about the various products I use and recommend, I would have had to study. This week it was cinnamon’s turn and I knew I would have had a lot to read because spices have an ancient history and alsoContinue reading “Cinnamon”

Dried Yeast

If there is one thing that absolutely cannot be missing in the pantry, especially during a pandemic, it is yeast. Preparing bread, pizza and in general all the great leavened products has a great therapeutic value: kneading, caressing, curing the dough during the growing and cooking phase, and in the end the immense satisfaction ofContinue reading “Dried Yeast”


The exact number of rice varieties in the world is not known, it is even believed to be 40,000, but it is certain that rice is the most widespread cereal in the world. How to orient yourself therefore in choosing the rice you want to keep in your pantry? The fundamental distinction between the variousContinue reading “Rice”

Dry pasta

It doesn’t matter that the origin of pasta is to be found in ancient Rome with the “lagane” (the current lasagna), or in Arab Sicily with the “triyah” that were exported to many places even by ships and that the Arab geographer Edrisi in 1154 described it as “a meal of flour in the formContinue reading “Dry pasta”


The story of polenta Polenta, a typical dish of the Italian peasant tradition, is known as a poor dish, because it is prepared with only two ingredients: water and flour. In ancient times polenta was prepared with other flours, for example the ancient Romans prepared it with spelled flour. Today, on the other hand, aContinue reading “Polenta”

Canned Tomato (passata, chopped, cherry)

Canned tomatoes are certainly a product that cannot be missing in a pantry. For Italian cuisine they are absolutely essential, how else can you prepare a plate of pasta with sauce or a margherita pizza? They are not very expensive therefore it is good to choose the highest quality to get the best result. TomatoesContinue reading “Canned Tomato (passata, chopped, cherry)”