Page #9 – The color of the Roman spring

Courgettes are now cooked all year round, regardless of the season. However, I am of a certain age and I remember well when courgettes were eaten only in the hot season, from spring to late summer. Maybe it’s for this reason, or because fresh courgettes are bright green and their flowers have the colour ofContinue reading “Page #9 – The color of the Roman spring”

Page #2 – Mangiapolenta

The expression “mangiapolenta” (polenta eater) is used to define, in a joking but sometimes also derogatory way, the inhabitants of northern Italy, especially the Veneto and Lombardy, where the greatest amount of polenta is consumed due to the temperatures generally lower. Violetta can undoubtedly claim to be a half polenta eater, since her mother wasContinue reading “Page #2 – Mangiapolenta”

Page #1 – Pasta and tomato, the perfect marriage

The first recipe that Violetta showed you was spaghetti with tomato sauce and I personally think it was a good choice because it’s probably the most iconic dish of the Italian cuisine, more than pizza or meatballs. Look at the picture and you can actually see the colors of the Italian flag: the white ofContinue reading “Page #1 – Pasta and tomato, the perfect marriage”