Frozen fish

If you have read the story of my stove about fishing nights on the Mediterranean, let's get one thing clear immediately: eating fresh fish just caught, perhaps caught by you, is an experience that for its aroma, flavour and atmosphere can hardly be compared to any other dining experience. Eating fish is good, indeed very … Continue reading Frozen fish

Spigola all’acqua pazza || Seabass in crazy water

Ingredients: 2 sea-bass fillets3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil1 small garlic clove, choppeda small bunch of chopped parsley4/5 cherry or datterini tomato, well washed and cut in half2 fingers of dry white winesaltground black pepperchilli flakes or a few slices of fresh chilli pepper Method: Put a large pan (enough to contain the fillets) … Continue reading Spigola all’acqua pazza || Seabass in crazy water