Risotto alla zucca e gorgonzola || Butternut squash and blue cheese risotto

Ingredients: For the risotto: 600 gr arborio rice 1 medium butternut squash 1 chopped brown onion 50 gr. butter 50 gr. blue cheese (sweet Gorgonzola or creamy blue danish) 50 gr. grated parmigiano 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil salt ground white pepper 2 l. of vegetable broth (you can prepare it by boilingContinue reading “Risotto alla zucca e gorgonzola || Butternut squash and blue cheese risotto”

Dry pasta

It doesn’t matter that the origin of pasta is to be found in ancient Rome with the “lagane” (the current lasagna), or in Arab Sicily with the “triyah” that were exported to many places even by ships and that the Arab geographer Edrisi in 1154 described it as “a meal of flour in the formContinue reading “Dry pasta”

Italian sausages with polenta and tenderstem broccoli

Ingredients: 12 mini italian sausages 1 glass of red wine 500 gr. Instant polenta 800 gr. Tenderstem broccoli 1 garlic clove Extra virgin olive oil Chilli flakes Salt METHOD: Put on the stove two tall pots with two liters of boiling water each. Add some salt in both of them and wait that the waterContinue reading “Italian sausages with polenta and tenderstem broccoli”

Canned Tomato (passata, chopped, cherry)

Canned tomatoes are certainly a product that cannot be missing in a pantry. For Italian cuisine they are absolutely essential, how else can you prepare a plate of pasta with sauce or a margherita pizza? They are not very expensive therefore it is good to choose the highest quality to get the best result. TomatoesContinue reading “Canned Tomato (passata, chopped, cherry)”