Pomodori al forno ripieni di riso || Rice stuffed baked tomatoes

Ingredients: 10 medium vine tomatoes, ripe but still firm 30 gr of Arborio rice pre-cooked for 12 minutes 50 gr grated parmesan 50 gr grated cheese (you can use cheddar, mozzarella or smoked cheese as you prefer) 6/7 medium-sized potatoes (as many as you need to fill your pan) 2/3 red onions 2 garlic clovesContinue reading “Pomodori al forno ripieni di riso || Rice stuffed baked tomatoes”


The exact number of rice varieties in the world is not known, it is even believed to be 40,000, but it is certain that rice is the most widespread cereal in the world. How to orient yourself therefore in choosing the rice you want to keep in your pantry? The fundamental distinction between the variousContinue reading “Rice”

Page #4 – The unbearable lightness of risotto

The history of Rice From the Yang Tze Valley to the homes of Italians Rice was born in the Far East where traces and finds attest to its presence in the Yang Tze valley even ten thousand years ago, it was then widely cultivated in Mesopotamia in the fourth century. BC, and from there itContinue reading “Page #4 – The unbearable lightness of risotto”

Risotto alla zucca e gorgonzola || Butternut squash and blue cheese risotto

Ingredients: For the risotto: 600 gr arborio rice 1 medium butternut squash 1 chopped brown onion 50 gr. butter 50 gr. blue cheese (sweet Gorgonzola or creamy blue danish) 50 gr. grated parmigiano 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil salt ground white pepper 2 l. of vegetable broth (you can prepare it by boilingContinue reading “Risotto alla zucca e gorgonzola || Butternut squash and blue cheese risotto”